Without doubt, the Badrutt’s Palace is one of the most iconic places of the Swiss Alps. It has been and still is a hotspot for all generations. Once you get to know the values and the philosophy behind the historic hotel, you get to see far beyond the beautiful surface, and you will realize that the hotel’s beauty doesn’t only exist at the outside: the small details at the “inside” are what create the true magic of Badrutt’s Palace St. Moritz.

Here is an example: Recently I booked some treatments of the “7 Days Wellness Program”, designed and customized by Martha Wiedemann (Associate Director of Badrutt’s Palace, who also leads the concept of Palace Wellness) , during my stay at the hotel. As special as she is, as special was the program: My day started with a yoga and meditation session by Vinod Kumar, the most generous and pure person, I have probably met. Vinod is a Yoga Master from India, who regularly improves his yoga knowledge and practices with Gurus at the Ashram. He specializes in Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga. My private yoga session with Vinod was joined by the massage therapist Leo, who has learned many healing rituals from Shamans all over the world. For Martha Wiedemann, who created my anti stress wellness program, every detail matters and it was important for her to have the therapist joining the meditation to connect with me on a different and spiritual level, to understand, how to work with the blocked zones of my body and the chakras during the therapeutic massage. This was definitely something rare and special to experience. So you can imagine how re-energized and relaxed I felt afterwards…

My much needed anti-stress program included not only meditations,  therapeutical massages or spiritual teachings about the power of our mind and about keeping calm in stress situations – it also involved personal training, chakra balance and wellness for my hair. The combination of learning, moving and breathing are the main activities all programs are based on.

Another highlight that the program includes, is Shirodhara: a blissful treatment involving a steady stream of warm oil being gently poured in a rhythmical movement over the central Chakra point on the forehead. Deeply relaxing, this treatment can help to remove stress and tensions. An effective approach to wellness and relaxation.

The “7 Days Wellness Program” including 10 sessions of customized treatments can be booked at the Spa of the Badrutt’s Palace St. Moritz. Guests can choose out of 4 different programs. Each of those is individual and for sure a healing and re-energizing experience, one has never had before.

  • Stress Management
  • Releasing Physical & Emotional Pain
  • A Journey to Self Love
  • Balancing The Energy Flow

“The beauty of yoga is to earn energy. The aim is to purify the mind and to reach a higher state of consciousness. Yoga strengthens the inner system and is a way of right living.” – Vinod Kumar

Copyright: Nel-Olivia Waga, Badrutt’s Palace