April 2014 – “An interview with Nel-Olivia Waga about her-etiquette.com”, written by Dr. Sherin Hafner, Head of Text, SI STYLE

Bilanz Shoot at Dolder

Foto: Bruno Arnold, BILANZ.ch, Location: The Dolder Grand, Outfit: Bibi Bachtadze, Dice Kayek (Gassmann), Christian Louboutin

Dr. Sherin Hafner: What do you associate with the word “etiquette”? Do you think of a strict protocol or standards in certain social circles? Sure. But it means so much more. Etiquette is an attitude. It has a lot to do with appearance, the art of living, sophistication, lifestyle! All oft the above is Nel-Olivia’s passion and what she is writing about in her blog. Zurich has it`s own savoir vivre: It is multicultural  chic, modern, constantly changing but at the same time traditional and casual. That`s why she fits perfectly in this city.

Nel-Olivia Waga is a native German with Polish-Canadian roots who found her home in Zurich ““ on some detours. In 27 years she not only lived in different countries, but also completed some professional stages: She has modelled, is a studied business economist and is working as a Marketing & Event Manager at an international private bank. Her talent is combining business and lifestyle, recognizing certain situations, creating ideas and bringing together the right people at the right time.

I met Nel-Olivia on her terrasse overlooking the roofs of the city, to talk about her-etiquette.com. Naturally she prepared a wonderful brunch – organic, vegan, fruity, delicious – to savor the morning.


What may I expect on your blog?

Nel-Olivia: Her-etiquette is about the passion for living”  I am an aficionada, who is able to experience many interesting things because of her job and her private environment. And I would like to share these experiences with others. The initial idea of her-etiquette occurred to me when I started to write a book about my beginnings in Zurich – well, I committed some blunders! (laughing). So, I considered writing about etiquette a good idea… and that’s where the name of the blog comes from.

What are you writing about in particular?

Nel-Olivia: There are posts about personal training, private art tours, cool locations, I am discovering on my journeys, but also about the best tiramisu in town. I am reporting from my own point of view. The topics business and luxury will be covered within my cooperation with the swiss economic journal BILANZ on bilanz.ch/luxus.


Now we turn the tables: Please ask yourself 10 questions, that tell us a lot about you, without being answered today.

  • Who inspires you?
  • How often did you do something forbidden?
  • In 5 years: how many companies will you have?
  • Your favorite hour of the day?
  • Your greatest challenge?
  • The smell after a summer storm?
  • A mistake that you have learned from?
  • When were you bored recently?
  • Your craziest adventure?
  • When will you publish your book? ;-)