After having enjoyed quite a golden Autumn this year, the Winter has officially arrived in Zurich with some rainy and cold days to come. These are the days, where I not only calm down with my busy travel and work life. It’s also the time, where I actually visit art galleries and museums regularly, at least one per week. During a less busy period, such as November, I feel like I finally have the time to look not only at art pieces, but to also take some closer looks behind those: the background of the artist, the inspiration for an art work and of course, the story behind.

Pablo Picasso once said:
“The purpose of art is washing the dust of  daily life off our souls.”

And this is exactly, what I feel, when I spend time at one of my favorite places in Zurich: The Dolder Grand Hotel. Not only that the hotel itself truly is an art piece, the hotels private art collection is so divers and extraordinary, that one can spend three to four full days by viewing and learning about this collection’s art pieces. From pop-art over Russian Avantgarde to American Contemporary art and some personal collector’s pieces of the hotels’s owner. From Andy Warhol and Julian Schnabel to Joan Miro. From oil paintings and outdoor sculptures to fancy pop-art pieces. Every corner is  different. Guests will be surprised by the mix of traditional, provocative yet tasteful and unique variety of The Dolder Grand’s beautifully curated art pieces.

Art pieces, that one can indulge while being hosted in the most luxurious halls of the over 100 year old, fully refurbished and modern 5 star plus hotel overlooking dreamy Zurich. Is there any better place for an artsy experience, than being surrounded by glamour, nature, one of Switzerland’s best spas and haut cuisine?! No, there isn’t. That’s why The Dolder Grand and its private art collection are one of my top addresses for the perfect mini-vacation in the city, this month. For the art tour, just ask the concierge for the art iPad and enjoy your tour through over 150 artworks in luxurious surroundings of The Dolder Grand. 



“5 Beggar Signs” by Jani Leinonen, 2011

Untitled Figure, by Keith Haring

Untitled Figure, by Keith Haring

Silvester Stallone "Best of Life".

Silvester Stallone “Best of Life”.


“The pause that refreshes” by Mel Ramos, 2008


“I believe in Mel Ramos” by Bob and Roberta Smith, 1996





“Table Menace” by Graham Ibbeson, 1983

The Dolder Grand Lobby

"Le Monde" by Niki de Saint Phalle

“Le Monde” by Niki de Saint Phalle


“Autumn/Four Seasons” by Philip Haas, 2011


“Piwo, Billard” by Paul Mansouroff, 1962


Food Pins from the US (some rare collectors pieces) form the 1950s and 1960s.


“Je Jailissement II” by Frank Kupka, 1922-1923


“Enchantress” by Allen Jones, 2006


“Conversation Piece” by Joan Munoz, 1993


“High Wood 2 / Nature translated” by Charles Henry Gordon-Lennox, 1955


“Untitled” (85-063) by Donald Judd, 1985


“Grand personnage projet pour un monument” by Joan Miro


Untitled by Jannis Kounellis, 1990

the Dolder grand

Photos: Copyright and Courtesy of The Dolder Grand and