After a busy week in town, you take a little ride up to the mountains. You arrive there… at a modern castle in a beautiful little snowy village. The Managing Director himself welcomes you at your “home for a few days” and hands you over to the concierge, who shows you what and whom you have to know: your own driver, your schedule, the spa, the restaurants and then: your SUITE! Overlooking the Six Senses Spa pool, the cute village of Gstaad and the mountains; with a cozy fire place in your own  suite felt like a little dream to us.


The architecture of the hotel is simply stunning. Antique wood mixed with modern and pompous elements. Each section of the Hotel looks unique and contemporary, yet with a traditional swiss touch. As extraordinary as the architecture, is the art. Beautiful art, strange art, interesting art… While our stay we have spotted some art pieces, that are different from the usual art pieces in hotels. Provocative! The Alpina Gstaad gives us some thoughts about the selection of their private art collection:

“Art should always have an emotional effect, whether negative or positive, on those experiencing it.. There is no right or wrong in art, only opinions. It allows humans to express their deepest emotions and thoughts without barriers or judgement…. In modern day society, we are constantly bombarded with information. With such fast-paced lifestyles, humans are slowly losing contact with nature and with their inner-self. Art provides a chance to reconnect, all the while giving us a chance to understand and accept change.”

A culinary symphony awaits you at the three restaurants of The Alpina Gstaad. Asian Cuisine at MEGU (16 points Gault Millau), Swiss Cuisine (best Champagne & Truffle Fondue) at Swiss Stübli and international cuisine at the 1 Michelin star and 18 points Gault Millau rated restaurant SOMMET.  Executive Chef Macus G. Lindner himself created especially for us a delicious 7 course dinner, that let us melt away.

The perfection of this hotel doesn’t stop: A SIX SENSES SPA with stunning out- and in-door pools, a gym, saunas, steam- and ice rooms… PURE RELAXATION!

And if that’s not enough: just rent the private cinema and enjoy yourself even more ;-)


THANK YOU, The Alpina Gstaad for 3 days of perfection. 3 days of feeling like princesses in a castle and 3 days of joy & relaxation.

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