After the amazing IWC Gala Night (read the story here), the Zurich Film Festival continued for me – with one more event. Or let’s sati 3 more events during one day! Together with Nespresso, I was attending the Swiss film premiere of Bridget Jones Baby. Since my teenage years I had been a huge fan of the legendary Bridget Jones movies. Such a program definitely needs some special preparation. What better than getting glammed up by the Dior Pros at the exclusive (and only for the Zurich Film Festival) Dior Suite at the legendary luxury hotel Baur Au Lac in Zurich…

Arrived, of course, beautiful Michelle welcomed me with an ice-cold glass of Moët & Chandon and the fun began. After an hour in the hands of Michelle, who made me pretty and shining, I was ready for the Green Carpet and for Bridget Jones Baby. 

Ezgi Cinar_Yvonne Iwaniuk_Nel-Oliiva Waga_Nespresso_Zurich

Photo by Andrea Monica Hug

Together with two amazing, strong and powerful women: my friend Ezgi Cinar (left), the designer of the couture label 2002DNA/Ezgi Cinar (the dress I am wearing) and beautiful Yvonne Iwaniuk (middle), the global Head or PR & Communications at Nespresso, we enjoyed the movie and laughed tears! I must say, Bridget Jones Baby was one of the funniest movies I have seen this year and it’s definitely worth seeing it. (Go get your tickets, the film is on play now in all European cinemas.)

Bridget Jones Baby

Of course, Nespresso, as a sponsor of the Zurich Film Festival, surprised us after the premiere with the most delicious flying gourmet dinner creations with the famous and young chef Ralph Schelling and Nespresso’s celebrated Barista Holger Steffen, at the VIP area of the Zurich Film Festival tent. Nespresso is known for their support of filmmaking and for their amazing taste of gourmet cuisine. When both is combined in one event, you know you’re at the right place. Thank you Nespresso! See you soon again!


Photo Credits: Nespresso, Andrea Monica Hug, Nel-Olivia Waga, Dior.

Hair & Make-Up: Dior
Dress: Ezgi Cinar

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