<< ARCHIVE >> CCC: The new Cosmetic Cell Concept Line by Dr. Colette C. Camenisch

My dear friend and female entrepreneur Dr. med Colette Carmen Camenisch, the founder of Clinic Beethovenstrasse, is not only one of Switzerland’s leading aesthetic surgeons. She is an inspiring, smart personality as well. Creative, experienced, curious and innovative. All that she has brought together, by launching her new baby: the “CCC – Cosmetic Cell Concept” cosmeceuticals line, based on medical research and modern technology. I met her, to speak about CCC and the future of anti aging.


Colette, congratulations for launching your own beauty line. Tell me more about the idea behind!

In my daily business, beauty and a positive charisma is an important aspect. After hours of surgical intervention in air-conditioned rooms, the skin often appears dry and less vital; the loss of moisture means age-independent stress on the facial skin. The skin must therefore be rehydrated regularly. Since I myself as well as many of my dear patients, have the problem with intolerance to many ingredients, I wanted to develop a skin care line that tolerates this sort of demanding skin. Rich on hyaluronic acid complexes and vitamin C, the “CCC” products support skin metabolism, cell renewal and improve the elasticity of the epidermis.
The products are enriched with vitamin C. This is also the basis for the identification with the name “Cosmetic Cell Concept”. An effective anti-aging and regeneration effect for perfect skin by Dr. med. Colette C. Camenisch.

What are the essential ingredients?

Less is more! I think the much more important question is of what is NOT in it. Many products have simply too much or the wrong ingredients in it. I have deliberately avoided parabens and mineral oils. Preservatives were reduced to the necessary minimum. The products are vegan. Animal experiments were also not permitted.
Sustainability – minimal packaging and an environmentally friendly pumping system – are important to me in my new care line.
But mostly important is: to meet the needs of my patients, make them beautiful and happy!


Why are these so effective?

Now we can talk about the ingredients: the right ingredients in the correct dosage are probably the secret: I swear on high-dose hyaluronic acid (HA) . HA is a sugar molecule and one of the most important components of the connective tissue of the skin. It has the ability to bind large amounts of water and so moistures to the maximum. Elasticity and maximum resilience are the result

A cream or serum must therefore be well-coated, have an ideal consistency and penetrate quickly into the skin. I hate crumbs on the skin.

What’s the technology & research part behind CCC?

Innovative formulations give the products their uniqueness. In research, we rely on natural phyto extracts and high-tech active ingredients. Tests ensure the purity and effectiveness of the products. Our high quality and purity requirements ensure a high level of safety and quality of the products. All products are produced according to the current European guidelines (KVO + GMP), the quality is checked. Therefore the products contain no silicone oils, no PEGs (polyethylene glycols), no mineral oils, no paraffins and paraffin derivatives, no parabens and no raw materials of animal origin!
What makes your line different from others?

The magic of “CCC”! ;-) It equally stands for Colette Carmen Camenisch and for Cosmetic Cell Concept.  CCC stands for my personality, the knowledge and expertise I gained over years in this job, intense research and my energy, I put into. 
 Additionally the whole care line has a simple and chic design: washing lotion, day cream light and a rich cream for dry or mature skin and 2 different serums. Even customers with very sensitive skin are very satisfied with the care line. The line is also designed in a practical travel size.
Who can use CCC and how do you use it?

The cosmeseuticals should be easy to apply for both, women and men!

The “Mild Foam” is a refreshing, fine cleansing foam without perfumes and dyes; ideally apply after removing the make-up, leave to act for a short time and then wash off.


The light cream is intended primarily as a light day and night care. The rich cream “Hyalruonic acid cream rich” is for very dry skin and for mature skin, which needs more moisturization.

The “Lifting Booster Serum” enables additional skin regeneration; The liposomal-encapsulated hyaluronic acid, the ARGIRELOX® and the MATRIXYL ™ 3000 bring a unique lifting effect. Apply in the morning and in the evening under the cream (light or rich).

The perfume-free eye-lifting serum brings additional strength and youthfulness around the eyes.

Your values are all around positive energy, aesthetic perfection combined with inner beauty. How does Cosmetic Cell Concept align with these?

The holistic approach has always been my topic: with this line I am completing my very personal portfolio. Both as a surgeon and as a woman, perfection and natural beauty are important to me. This care line completes this vision perfectly.


Thank you, Colette!