The Mascara: for me, truly the most important cosmetic tool of my everyday life. Why?

Have you ever heard the quote “Eyes speak more than a thousand words?” It’s true. Its the eye-contact that creates a connection. Eyes are deep, meaningful and the most beautiful feature of our face. So as a woman, I focus (no matter which look I decide on) always on highlighting my eyes.

Most mascaras may last during a business day in the office, that’s the least they should – but how about an active day? My (work) life is not all about sitting in the office and having after work-events (anymore). Either it’s I’m traveling or I am out and about in meetings moving from airplanes over rainy, windy or sunny weather conditions back to dry-aired meeting rooms. Now that’s a true challenge for make-up and most mascara’s out on the market.

I’ve tried many mascaras, over the past years. But there are only few which never disappoint. CLINIQUE‘s Mascara collection, a combination of the Lash Building Primer, the High Impact Mascara and the High Impact Lash Elevating Mascara (alongside the “Take The Day Off Cleanser”). Whether it’s when traveling on airplanes, during morning yoga workout or (the best test of all) a sunny (but windy) day out on the boat. Clinique’s mascara collection is my partner in crime for the perfect eyelashes during all active adventures, hat happen besides the 9-5 office days. ;-)



The Multi-Benefits of CLINIQUE’s High Impact Mascara:

# dramatic volume and length with the first stroke
# lengthening lashes by 36 % and giving up to a 26 degrees curl
# intense color due to super-rich pigmentation


This golden Autumn we are currently having, makes many of us extend the boat season for just a little longer. This is where my new long-lasting High Impact Mascara ultimately passed the test. 100 Points!

“…because our eyes speak more than a thousand words.”

Photography: Thomas Buchwalder
Boat: Ganz Boats
Hair & Make-Up: Call-List
High Impact Mascara Set: CLINIQUE