Dom Pérignon Pléntidudes – A Time Travel with P2

Wine does not evolve in a linear manner but in a series of stages – Dom Pérignon defines these three stages as Plénitudes. The P2 – Plénitude 2 – was presented in a memorable event during which taste and time were all that mattered.

Savoring the P2 is like a time travel – this champagne has been bottled in 1998. From one Plénitude to another, the bottled wine reaches new levels of complexity. The feeling of tasting an exquisite champagne which comes from another time is very special. While drastic changes have happened in the world in the last 16 years and in every individual’s life, this champagne has been waiting in the dark, transforming itself and getting better and better. What is Dom Pérignon P2 today, has been created years ago with the clear objective of creating something marvelous for the future. Opening the bottle is like opening a different chapter of time. Pouring the champagne feels like releasing emotions and memories of the past. Time is the most important dimension for Dom Pérignon Champagne.

During the exclusive Dom Pérignon Plénitudes and P2 presentation, the evolution of the famous champagne was explained in detail. The idea of using the architecture of a helical building to convey the process of creating Dom Pérignon worked out very well. As I walked upward together with the other guests, we were presented major milestones in the history of the P2 and of the maisons of LVMH, which we were about to taste. The levels of the building represented the different Plénitudes and illustrated very well how the Champagne evolves.

After at least 7 years, the First Plénitude is released. Dom Pérignon calls it the Plénitude of harmony. The Second Plénitude – P2 – is called the Plénitude of energy. For the Third Plénitude, the Plénitude of complexity – champagne enthusiasts have to wait at least 20 years. The whole process of creation is a masterpiece and the Chef de Cave is the creator of the luxurious champagne. The man who decides on the Dom Pérignon of the future is Richard Geoffroy, a creative mind who embarked on an outstanding journey. The mission of the journey: De-Coding Dom Pérignon. The partner with whom Richard Geoffroy aims to precisely understand the process of Dom Pérignon is the world famous chef Ferran Adrià – former head chef of the 3-Michelin-star elBulli restaurant. These two creators have joined forces for the three-year-long project “Dom Pérignon Decoding”. The creative process is the study object of this journey. Knowledge is created, shared and passed on to future generations through the collaboration of Dom Pérignon and the elBullifoundation.

Definitely something special you should not miss. Thank you Dom Pérignon.

Copyright: Nel-Olivia Waga, Moet Hennessy/Dom Pérignon

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