EXCLUSIVE: Inside the new “DIOR J’adore” Campaign with Charlize Theron

The scent of a woman is something very unique. It stands for her personality, for her femininity, for the soft and also the strong facets of her character. Every perfume creates a unique experiences of senses on the skin of the woman that is wearing it. So does Dior J’adore. A truly extraordinary fragrance, that brings out the femininity and confidence in a woman, but at the same time the mystery and magic.

With this new campaign, Film-Director Jean-Baptiste Mondino and “J’adore woman” Charlize Theron, take you on a journey through all senses and facets of femininity.

He has, in turn, immersed her in an opulent bath of gold, stripped her bare in the quest for truth, and had her climb to a new elsewhere.” (Dior)

Charlize Theron symbolizes the perfect J’adore woman: inspiring, feminine, natural and sensual. The new Dior J’adore campaign, today, unveils the true soul of the fragrance and lets you dive into the world of truth, beauty and the power of emotions.

Charlize Theron about wearing Dior J’adore: “This is where I feel truly alive. It’s this thing that’s closest to my heart.”

What do you truly “adore”?


Copyright: Exclusively provided content by LVMH/Dior for the worldwide premiere of this campaign on October 12th, 2016.

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