FORBES: EAROS ONE. The First Hearing Protection You Will Actually Want to Wear

Ronnie, how do you persuade those who say “hearing loss is never going to happen to me…”?

I learned the hard way that once you have hearing loss it’s disturbing your everyday life. Sadly, most people don’t understand this until it’s far too late. All the medical research reveals that too much exposure to loud noise causes permanent and irreparable damage to your hearing. It’s a fact.

Tell me more about the well-being and health aspect of EAROS and its technology. Would you consider it a breakthrough in this sector?

We do feel this a major health & wellness advancement for the entertainment and hospitality industry. Creating a breakthrough high-fidelity product that people actually want to wear while socializing and enjoying music will alter the course of hearing health for millennials and GenZ. They’re the ones at major risk under the status quo.


What’s your vision for the future of EAROS when it comes to awareness, especially among the younger generation?

We see two parts to the equation when it comes to embracing this product. First, people must fully understand the health risks they are taking when exposing themselves to loud noise without adequate hearing protection. Second, there must be the awareness that EAROS achieves this protection without sacrificing fidelity through a cool, exciting brand that people want to be seen wearing.

What does your vision look like for EAROS over the next couple of years?