FORBES: EAROS ONE. The First Hearing Protection You Will Actually Want to Wear

Our company’s mission is to protect the world’s ears while enabling people to keep doing what they love, socially and professionally. EAROS ONE is our first product and allows those who work and play in loud recreational environments (concerts, nightclubs, sporting events, fitness classes) to protect their hearing and still enjoy the full spectrum of sound frequencies in those loud settings. Our aim is for people to understand the importance of protecting their hearing in loud environments.

Where does the responsibility lie for the creation of unsafe decibel levels?

As an operator of loud hospitality venues and an events producer myself, I know the responsibility lies firmly in the hand of the venue owners, operators, and managers to provide a safe environment for their workers and patrons. This means giving quality hearing protection equipment to staff and making it readily available for patrons. Ultimately, it’s the individual’s decision whether to wear hearing protection, but venues must make it easy to access for everyone in their space. And it is not enough just to just offer cheap, disposable foam earplugs as they wreck effective communication between workers and ruin the experience for patrons.

What steps should club businesses, concert halls and other entertainment venues take themselves?

At EAROS we work with leading nightclubs, live music, sports venues, and fitness companies to offer premium hearing protection to their employees and patrons. However, loud recreational venues need to spread awareness about the importance of protecting your ears — people need to know the risks they are taking when entering a loud venue and understand that there is a great hearing protection solution without sacrificing the experience.


What’s next after EAROS ONE?

We have very ambitious plans. After addressing the hospitality, entertainment, and sports market with EAROS ONE, we are developing superior hearing protection products for military, aviation, construction, and several other applications.

Thank you, Ronnie Madra. 

Above all, EAROS ONE demonstrates that sound can be made much safer without compromising the joyful experience of live music or a night of clubbing. By engineering a design that works at an affordable price point and by building a culturally relevant brand, EAROS ONE has developed into a product with a tremendous potential impact.