FORBES: The Healing Powers of Water. An In-Depth Water Tasting at Grand Resort Bad Ragaz’s Water Bar

It’s a neat idea to have a pure water bar within a hotel – and to have two trained water sommeliers. With our water bar, we display the variety of water brands to highlight the different attributes of each in terms of minerals and salt content. We want to educate our guests about the world of healthy water. We currently offer over 26 different waters from all around the world and continuously look out for new sources we can present. Our focus at the water bar definitely lies on Swiss waters: our newest «member» is «Piz Sardona» from the Mels municipality. This producers’ goal is to be sustainable and reduce CO2. They educate their clients explaining that 5% of all fresh water supplies within Europe actually come from Switzerland, the «European water castle». It’s more than enough to supply every Swiss household. Nevertheless, the Swiss import 40% of their drinking water from abroad. That’s actually absurd as we are located right next to the spring. Also, this water offers different mineral-levels (1-4). 
We also offer our Black water, the «Beneva Black Water» which contains active carbon. It is a true detox-water for the purification of your body and supports weight loss.

What makes the difference in your selection of waters? Can you taste it?

You can differentiate between four basic tastes: sweet, salty, sour and bitter. The sensorial relevant minerals for a water tasting are sodium (Na), calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg) und iron (Fe) but also chloride (Cl), sulfate (SO4) and hydrogen carbonate (HCO3). The waters which are the easiest to taste are medium mineralized waters (500 – 1.500mg/l) and high mineralized waters (>1.500mg/l), since these reveal the minerals quite prominently. Lower mineralized waters (<500mg/l) almost always have a bitter taste which you can detect in your whole mouth. This is called a «haptic bitterness». A tasting with still water is easier because the carbonic acid often covers up the taste of the water.
With our water bar, we like to show guests the whole range of different waters. And most of our guests who are visiting one of our water tastings are surprised that they can actually taste a difference!

How did you choose those different waters?

Our selection of waters reflects the variety of our Wellbeing & Medical Health Resort in general. We want the waters to match our dedication to health. So, we always ask ourselves before choosing a new water: is it a good match with our portfolio? And also: Does it create some sort of excitement?

How much water should a person drink – and what water should be drunk and when?

The human body consists of 50 – 70 % water. Dehydration leads to serious health issues and can creep up on our us if we are not careful. Water has three main purposes in the body:
-It supplies the body with nutrients
-It keeps the substances we process liquid and transports them
-It absorbs and expels all toxins

It is important to drink sufficiently and evenly throughout the day because otherwise bodily functions would be limited and mental performance could decrease. Everybody should drink at least 1,5l/day or even better 30ml/kg bodyweight.
The amount of water a person ordinarily consumes is about 1200 ml daily. Another part of overall water intake comes from foods with a high-water content (900 ml).