FORBES: A Shift of Perception – The Coachella 2018 Art Installations

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 2018 has opened its golden gates in Indio, California.

Over two weekends, the festival held at the Empire Polo Club at the desert will host artists and guests from all over the world. Regular festival-goers are in the know that the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is a holistic experience for the senses, which means entertainment on every level and beyond. Accompanied by an a-list lineup featuring Beyonce, The Weekend, Kygo or Jamiroquai over half a dozen large scale art installations are the center of attention this Coachella 2018. Nature’s play with colors of day, night, sunshine and sunset will create an immersive and visceral visual experience that invites attendees to question the familiar when observing the art in its scenery.  Whether through the artist’s choice of materials, the processes of their practices, or through action required of the viewer, this year’s work will demand a shift of perception.

Here is a first view at Coachella’s featured 2018 art installations:

SPECTRA by Newsubstance

Spectra by Newsubstance at Coachella 2018

The UK based design studio describes their Coachella work as “the space where architecture meets drama.” A seven-level column inspired by the colors of sunrise and sunset, made of 300 plexiglass windows and 6000 LED lights, blending cutting-edge technology and analogue design with stunning effect fashions a spectacular installation. An installation that one not only looks at but enters. The view and its color changes with every step all the way up to the top of Spectra’s observation deck, where visitors enjoy a breathtaking panorama of Coachella Valley.

SUPERNOVA by Roberto Bear & Rosario Marquardt, R&R Studios

Supernova by Roberto Bear & Rosario Marquardt, R&R Studios at Coachella Music Festival, 2018

Roberto Bahar and Rosario Marquardt of Miami based R&R Studios, return to Coachella two years after creating their iconic Bésame Mucho installation. SUPERNOVA is an explosion of light and color that exudes optimism and hope. By day, SUPERNOVA offers shade and a meeting place—a fantastic, utopian and contemporary American green at Coachella. At night, it transforms into a shining star that changes colors and seduces its viewers. SUPERNOVA is a fantasy that becomes real, a symbol for all that’s possibleWith origins in the sky, this radiant, polychromatic star contains 12 individual stars, jutting 40 feet in every direction. “It’s extraordinary and fantastic, but a familiar form,” says Roberto Behar and Rosario Marquardt. “It’s a mirage we can touch.”

Supernova by Roberto Bear & Rosario Marquardt, R&R Studios at Coachella Music Festival, 2018