FORBES: A Shift of Perception – The Coachella 2018 Art Installations

 ETHEREA by Edoardo Tresoldi

ETHEREA by Edoardo Tresoldi at Coachella 2018

Named by Forbes as one of the 30 most influential European artists under 30, Italian artist Edoardo Tresoldi creates monumental wire mesh sculptures. His public interventions are known for transcending time and space, and instigating a dialogue between art and the world. ETHEREA – three baroque inspired buildings made of wire mesh create a cooling spot during the day for festival goers and transform into an even more ethereal and majestic space by night, when lit from within – “a dreamlike dimension and an abstraction of reality.”

Coachella Music Festival, 2018


Palm-3 World Station by Simón Vega

Obsessed with history, politics, and popular culture, Simón Vega creates sculptures that parody Cold War spaceships and capsules, Mayan pyramids, modern buildings, and contemporary surveillance systems. The artist is known for creating humorous fusions between first and third worlds. His Palm-3 World Station is the largest sculpture in his Tropical Space Proyectos series commenting on the effects of the Cold War in Central America through his ironic and humorous views on the Space Race. A visualization of sharp contrasts to the technology of space and effects of polarized society.

Palm-3 World Station by Simón Vega at Coachella 2018