Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are the hottest days at Art Basel – in Basel. Where collectors, art lovers, VIPs, galleries and “the crowd” meet to buy art, be the first ones to see it, to mingle and to be seen.

Despite the event character Art Basel is also one of the best platforms to do business and marketing! What’s better for this than sponsoring the world’s most important art fair? A few lucky brands that were selected to the honored and inner circle of Art Basel definitely know how to make the best of it: Art Basel’s Collector’s and VIP Lounge, is a closed VIP area, where only First Choice and VIP card holders get access to – and that’s where the fun begins.

Let me introduce you to three brands & Art Basel Sponsors with outstanding artist collaborations at this year’s Art Basel in Basel:


“A SKY FULL OF FLOWERS AT ART BASEL” is the theme of this year’s stunningly beautiful art collaboration between the leading private jet firm NetJets and the London-based artist Rebecca Louis Law, which is known for her real-flower installations all over the world. As an official Art Basel sponsor for more than 13 years NetJets knows how to impress their clients. After last year’s impressive collaboration with Snarkitekture (read the article here) the brand surprises with something new and fresh. The beautiful sky of flowers installation inside the closed NetJets VIP Lounge (access for NetJets owners only) is called “Growth” and is composed of 7500 dried flowers. It took her more than 100 hours of work.

“When you fly you expect to be amongst the clouds, leaving flora and fauna beneath your wings. I wanted to create something unexpected within the NetJets Lounge and demonstrate the beauty of flowers when viewed from a different perspective,” commented Rebecca on her work.

Credit: NetJets



The Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Audemars Piguet as one of the continuous sponsors of Art Basel, was very proud of his artsy collaboration with Dan Holdsworth this year. The celebrated artist  created a new series of moving image and photographic works especially for Audemars Piguet.  In his works Holdsworth expresses his artistic view of the unique geological formations found in Audemars Piguet’s home, the Vallée de Joux in the Jura Mountains. “By referencing the epic timescales by which these rock formations were formed, the works will invite the viewer to reimagine their relationship with time.”

Holdsworth’s “Continuous Topography” similarly invites the viewer to think about “our place in time and to imagine timescales greater than our own microcosmic human timeframe, which is now experienced amidst the instantaneity of the digital era.” Audemars Piguet states.

I was one of the lucky ones to not only see these works at the Audemars Piguet Collector’s Lounge of Art Basel but as one of the first at their stunning Art Breakfast at Gallery Scheublein + Bak in Zurich’s Schloss Sihlberg, where the exhibition is running till September 2, 2016.


Credit: Audemars Piguet


«I’m a photographing artist. Captured with my lens, this series illuminates the contemporary art found in cellars.» Erwin Olaf says. And he is right: the one, who has been to the holy crayères at Maison Ruinart, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, knows, what we are talking about. Erwin Olaf showcases the famous champagne cellars in a magical way, focuses on the very small details, little engravings on the walls, whereas every single one has a great history and a meaning to the Maison. Erwin created a beautiful work of art with his photographs, where he plays with light and shadow. The fact that all photos come in black and white gives his work even more drama and mystery.

Ruinart engages in art ever since it was founded during the Enlightment –  a period of intellectual awareness that greatly contributed to the French art of living.  “Sustaining, developing and exporting this art is a mission that comes naturally to the oldest champagne house.”

As the official Art Basel Champagne Sponsor Ruinart showcases these works inside the Art Basel Collector’s Lounge, which I enjoyed very much with a Glass of Ruinart Blanc des Blancs. This experience was topped by a private and intimate Art & Champagne Dinner at Schloss Binningen together with the Ruinart Team, the artist Erwin Olaf and some very selected clients. A stunning experience.

Credit: Ruinart