#itsmylife – DIOR HYDRA LIFE

“A Sunday well spent…” not only brings a week of content. It balances you, makes you feel happier and gives you energy for the upcoming week. What works for our body and soul, also works for our skin, right? That’s why, on Sundays, I take the extra time to treat my skin too. After sleeping in and having breakfast in bed I usually have a bath and treat my skin a proper beauty program to make sure it re-energizes and glows the whole week.

Spring is in the air, the sun is finally coming out, the temperature raises – so does the mood. When spring is about to start, I change the range of skincare products,  to lighter and more hydrating versions, as my skin needs to breathe and naturally re-fresh.

This month, Dior has launched a new fantastic line called Dior HYDRA LIFE. Dior’s motto? “Naturally beauty is the new chic” and “…making skincare a pleasure”.  Dior knows, that our happiness has a direct impact on our beauty, so they combined both into a delightful skincare program from morning to night. Energizing, colorful and invigoratingly fragranced make the morning cleansing fun. Fresh Jelly masks give the skin the energy it needs to wake up for spring.  A duo of moisturizers with ultra-fresh sorbet textures for skin full of moisture make it shine throughout the day and a trio of gourmet masks deliver instant results. Effective makeup removers respect skin flora to make the skin relax at night.

Dior’s first eco-friendly skincare range, that concentrates of natural ingredients, is a playful and perfect care to wake up my skin for the spring season and start into a new week with natural, fresh and happy glow.






Nel-Olivia Waga for Dior. Hydra Life Campaign.

Nel-Olivia Waga – Dior Hydra Life.





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#itsmylife – DIOR Hydra LIfe

Photographer: Ellin Anderegg
Make-Up: Dior
Dress: Ezgi Cinar
Jewelry: La Brune et La Blond Diamond Necklace and Earrings
Location: Carezza Suite at The Dolder Grand
Copyright: The Dolder Grand, Nel-Olivia Waga, Christian Dior Parfums, HER ETIQUETTE