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What is the secret to beautiful and healthy skin? Hydration from inside and outside is probably the most important answer to that. The beauty and health market respond to this topic in the most innovative ways and with modern technologies.

But there are a few more circumstances, that affect our skin more than we might think. Did you know, how pollution actually affects and damages our skin? Over-exposure to pollution plays a major role in skin aging and may cause hydration loss, fine lines, wrinkles, pigment disorders and even acne. The skin becomes dull and tired, losing its natural radiance. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) 90% of the world is affected by pollution. Pollution is caused by vehicle exhaust, waist particles from agriculture, factories, power plants and smoke.

Pollution defense

What can we do about it? We can protect ourselves by protecting and regularly detoxing our skin – the largest organ of our body. Aware of this problem, Swiss scientists found the solution: a break through technology of an active ingredient complex.

The Swiss Cosmetic Expert, Jacqueline Piotaz, brought the topic „perfect skin“ to the next level by engaging in pollution research and implementing the nobel prize winning detoxification technology of Yoshinori Ohsumi into her highly qualitative cosmetic line. Et voila: Pollution defense is born.

Pollution Defense

Jacqueline Piotaz Pollution Defense is the first anti-pollution skincare system, that detoxes and clears the skin from pollution, protects it and prevents from any damages pollution might cause.

Jacqueline Piotaz is a pioneer in the cosmetic industry and known for her Swiss luxury cosmetic collections which bring nature and advances biotechnology into perfect harmony. She is also the owner and CEO of the Zurich’s most sought after beauty, cosmetic and medical aesthetic studios „Vanity – The Art of Beauty”, which offer state of the art treatments for her and him.


Not only I am a huge fan of her cosmetic concept. Hollywood’s elite is too. Jacqueline Piotaz regularly holds a place at the Golden Globes Gifting Suite and is the preferred caterer of the stars, when it comes to luxurious and natural skincare – Swiss made, of course.


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