Yesterday, I’ve quickly stopped by another Gallery on my way to a meeting: Katz Contemporary. Located just next to Sotheby’s at Talstrasse 83 in Zurich, the gallery is currently presenting a joint exhibition of contemporary art works by Daniele Buettis and Wolfgang Flads.

KATZ CONTEMPORARY, founded by Frédérique Hutter in 2008 concentrates primarily on contemporary art. The gallery shows emerging artists, where support and promotion is an essential goal, as well as established artists of the international scene. One of the aspects of the program is to confront works by young artists with those of established names, ranging from painting, drawing, installation to photography. In addition the gallery invites prominent international artists to solo shows, most often for their first time in Switzerland.

Katz Contemporary Gallery Zurich Katz Contemporary 1 At a first glance, Daniele Buetti’s works from the series “Oh boy, oh boy” display a seemingly seductive beauty, their appaerance reminding the viewer of the vibrant colors and delicate structure of church windows and medieval mosaics. Upon observing them for longer than just the blink of an eye, however, the works reveal an uncanny or even threatening quality, which exceeds their sacral character.

Specifically created for this exhibition, Wolfgang Flad’s sculptures appear to have frozen in their natural development for just a quick second, only to have continued stretching and spreading out like a strangler fig an instant later.

Katz Contemporary 2 Katz Contemporary 3 Katz Gallery 1 Katz Gallery 2