In January 2016 LOUIS VUITTON and UNICEF joined forces to support children in urgent need and created a global initiative: #MAKEAPROMISE.

3 different styles of Louis Vuitton silver lockits (bracelets and pendants) specially were created to raise funds for this particular partnership. For each sold silver lockit, Louis Vuitton donates 200 USD to UNICEF. On January 12th we celebrated the first anniversary of the partnership with a total global raise of 2.5 mio USD within one year!

People all over the world shared their pinky promise with the Louis Vuitton for UNICEF Silver Lockit to raise awareness for supporting children all over the world.

I am proud for being an Ambassador of LOUIS VUITTON for UNICEF and to support this great cause.

Last year I did a beautiful pinky promise with my dear friend Bianca Gubser Keyman. A pinky promise to life, to love, to friendship and to hope for the future  – we kept this promise and are grateful for our lives, our friendship and our happiness. Many children would wish to be happy, to enjoy life – but due to unfortunate circumstances they can’t. That’s why we encourage you to do what we did: buy a silver lockit at your favorite Louis Vuitton store, MAKE A PROMISE and support children in urgent need.




Bianca Gubser Keyman Nel-Olivia Waga Louis Vuitton UNICEF Make A Promise 4

Bianca Gubser Keyman Nel-Olivia Waga Louis Vuitton UNICEF Make A Promise


This year, I met many friends at the Louis Vuitton Store in Geneva to celebrate the first anniversary of the partnership and to renew our pinky promise:



Photos: David Naldini for Louis Vuitton

Dress: Ezgi Cinar
Bag & Silver Lockit: Louis Vuitton