Louis Vuitton and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the leading humanitarian and development organization, have signed a global partnership to support the most vulnerable children around the world. The aim is to raise funds for UNICEF and help support children that are exposed to conflict, diseases, natural disasters and other situations that threaten their safety and well-being.

Celebrities, brand ambassadors, clients and friends from all over the world are participating at the #MAKEAPROMISE campaign to raise awareness and to help children in urgent need – by taking photos of their pinky promise while wearing Louis Vuitton’s specially for this project designed Silver Lockit. The lockit is a symbol of protection, inspired by the unpickable tumbler lock that was invented by Georges Vuitton back in 1890 to protect his clients’ most precious belongings. For each sale of a silver lockit pendant or bracelet Louis Vuitton will donate 200 USD to UNICEF. 

Bianca Gubser Keyman and I are honored for being the Louis Vuitton x UNICEF Swiss Brand Ambassadors and for sharing our pinky promise with our friends, families, readers and followers. Our pinky promise is to LIFE, to LOVE and to HOPE for the best future of today’s children.

Join us now on www.louisvuitton.com/lvforunicef and support the good cause.

Behind the Scenes:

Bianca Gubser Keyman & Nel-Olivia Waga shooting for


2542_1528611027433836_5153028921541166286_nMAKE A PROMISE LOUIS VUITTON UNICEF

“Children are our greatest treasure. They are our future.”
– (Nelson Mandela)


Photo Credit: Louis Vuitton

Original Date: March 23, 2016
Updated November 8, 2016