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It was this time of the year again. Time for the annual Gübelin event. An event, that makes you re-discover your dreams and dive into magic worlds. The worlds of gemstones and their magnificent heritage.


It’s one of those nights you lean back and let yourself inspire by things you’ve never seen before and stories you’ve never heard before….

Wilvy Sy Gübelin, Nel-Olivia Waga, jewellery expert Katerina Perez and Raphael Gübelin

Wilvy Sy Gübelin, Nel-Olivia Waga, jewellery expert Katerina Perez and Raphael Gübelin – the ladies wearing Gübelin Jewelry from the Glowing Fire world.

And so it happened this time: Gübelin took me (along other friends of the house), aboard of their magical journey to Burma – to discover the home of the world’s most renowned rubies. Revelling in the traditions and customs of this fascinating country, we followed the path of the gemmological pioneer and inspirer Eduard Josef Gübelin into the land of the ruby and experienced some of his marvellous adventures.

A sand artist visualizes true stories from Gübelin's archives, live at the event

A sand artist visualizes true stories from Gübelin’s archives, live at the event

The journey to Burma started at Zurich’s scenic and beautiful Restaurant Razzia, where all guests were greeted by flight attendants in chic 20ies style costumes and continued with an exceptional and meaningful entertainment program during a seated dinner, that literally took our breath away (while watching a performance by a Burmese artist/mentalist).

The theme of the night was Gübelin’s “Glowing Fire” world of jewellery, which is inspired by the inner world of rubies. I was lucky to wear parts of the beautiful lines throughout the night. The showcase of this collection was accompanied by pieces of “Glowing Ember” and “Sparks of Fire” line by Gübelin.

The most meaningful detail of the night (which truly represents the thoughtful and warm spirit behind the House of Gübelin) was a little surprise, that was handed out with the dessert – to send postcards from our “time in Burma” (to our friends, colleagues or loved ones) – and we did. Thank you, dear Gübelin Family & Team, for a wonderful night out and a journey of dreams.



The History and Symbolism of the Ruby 

Above all others, ruby has historically been prized as the most precious and powerful gemstone in the world. Two names in Sanskrit hint at the stone’s noble, indeed royal, charisma: ‘Ratnaraj’, ‘king of the precious stones’ and ‘Ratnanayaka’, ‘leader of precious stones’.

The ery life within the ruby was recognised in early Western tradition, as part of the nomenclature for all glowing red stones, but also as a property in its own right. A fourth century source noted the ruby’s ability to shine in the dark, and through the material of clothing This internal re from within the gem engendered the later belief that the life of the ruby was linked to that of the person who owned it, giving the gem a prophetic quality: ruby was used as

a talisman that warns its bearer of danger by turn­ ing to a darker shade of red. A more contemporary association is that of enduring love. Ruby is still thought by some to be curative for all matters of the heart, both physical and emotional.

Unrivalled in colour, life, and vitality, for thousands of years, from East to West, ruby has justly been named the king, the leader, the gem of gems.

(Source: Gübelin Academy)

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Jewellery: Glowing Fire World of Jewellery by Gübelin

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