<< ARCHIVE >> Montblanc x Charlotte Casiraghi: Les Aimants in Cannes

When Charlotte Casiraghi and Montblanc invite you to an intimate evening reception in Cannes, you can be sure of great news to be unveiled. During this year’s Festival de Cannes, Montblanc and Charlotte hosted an intimate dinner followed by a pool party at the magnificent Villa La Favourite in Cannes.  The celebration was all about “Les Aimants” (the lovers) – Charlotte Casiraghi’s new jewelry collection which she’s exclusively designed in collaboration with Montblanc.

Les Aimants by Charlotte Casiraghi is a clear inspiration of “opposite attraction” and infinite combination. All pieces of the collection are magnetic, which gives the woman who wears them, the freedom to be combined in several ways: multiple bangles can be stacked together or worn separately. The line celebrates the contrasts of the contemporary woman and her freedom to explore, to choose, to personalize, to play.

The collection itself was inspired by the 1920 style icon Nancy Cunard, the shipping heiress and political activist, who was renowned for wearing stacks of large bangles over her arms.

Bangles appear in various widths in black, marbled or transparent precious resin and polished or satin silver. An open circle pendant necklace and two curvaceous rings complete the collection.

“Nancy Cunard was the epitome of the modern woman in her day, a successful author and activist, as well as a daring style pioneer,” says Charlotte, who has been an ambassador for Montblanc since 2015.

“It gives you the freedom to be the person you want to be with the style you want to have,” she says. “It can be very excessive if you want to wear lots; it can be androgynous and minimalist; or there are more refined pieces that would suit someone extremely feminine.”

Congratulations Charlotte Casiraghi and Montblanc on such a powerful and strong – yet elegant collection. And, thank you for an amazing night under the start of the Côte d’Azur.

The limited edition is available globally, at selected Montblanc boutiques, such as in the recently renovated and re-opened Zurich boutique on Bahnhofstrasse.


Daniele Venturelli

Montblanc & Getty Images

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