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Thank You! How often do you hear these words? And how often do you say it? Almost all emails end with a Thank You. Statistics say, that an average working person uses Thank you, up to 80 times per day. It became a habit – a very good and kind one. But do we really mean thank you, when we say it? How many levels of Thank You do exist? How do you express the extra gratitude you have for a person or about a situation that excites you more than average?

My favorite expression of Thank You, is by writing notes. May it be at home, at the office or inside my suitcase: I always have a set of Montblanc writing cards and my fountain pen aside, for being able to leave somebody a kind and handwritten Thank You note.  How often do you write Thank You notes?

Montbalanc Writing Cards

Here are 10 good reasons, that might inspire you to do the same:

# It’s a kind and rather rare gesture nowadays.

# The recipient will know, that you really mean it and that you took the time to actually hand-write a card instead of sending a text or an email.

# A written word counts more than a spoken one.

# It shows, that you care and appreciate someones effort for you.

# Surprise someone, who does not expect it.

# Gratitude makes you happy.

# It strengthens relationships. May it be with your family, partner, co-workers or clients.

# Thank You notes look best, if you add a gift or flowers.

# Let someone know you had a great time at their dinner or party.

# Last but not least: write a Thank You note to yourself from time to time. Write down, what you are grateful for and proud of. Say Thank You to yourself for living the life you live.



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