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Murat Tokay. Not only is he one of the top hair stylists in Zurich, but also a charming, fun and very aesthetic person. He exactly knows his job and lives it to full perfection. Every detail matters: from every single beat that comes out of his Sono sound boxes (I keep shazaming almost every song of his amazingly curated playlists, each time I visit), to the whole interior design of his holistic hair spa, located in a beautiful Villa in Enge, Zurich.

I spoke to him over a cup of home-made ginger tea on a Saturday morning – after having my hair – once again – perfectly colored, cut and styled by him (and being pampered by his really amazing team).

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Murat, how many years have you been working as a hair stylist and when did you open your own salon?

I’ve been working in this area for over 19 years. From the very first day, I simply new that I wanted to have my own hair spa – to treat my clients in a holistc way – my way.

The energy in your salon is special. Everything is in harmony and so perfectly aesthetic – simply beautiful. Tell me more about it. 

Thank you, that flatters me. It was my aim to open a hair spa, that caters the highest form of hair profession and the best service possible – to my clients. At the same time I wanted to make them feel sitting in a modern living room. That’s why we chose natural materials and design furniture for the interior of the salon. It perfectly aligns with the art nouveau style of the building.

The other aspect is that my team and I are in harmony. We care for each other like a family does. And that’s what makes our energy so special – towards our work as well as towards our customers.

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What are you and your team specialized in?

Our focus is to bring out the best in each client. We work with modern, contemporary cutting-methods, but the most important factor is, to have the cut matching the style and the personality of our client. We especially like to make our client’s hair look overall cool, sexy and NATURAL – our special coloring techniques are a very beneficial tool that we use. We therefor organise weekly trainings for our team.

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These are the 5 things that make a visit at Murat Tokay’s Hair Salon extraordinary and special:

* Murat & Team have the ability to bring out the best, most beautiful and natural self in a person.
* The salon is modern, chic and cosy. It’s contemporary interior design aligns with the salon’s feel-good playlist.
* Murat & his team are more than just a team. They’re like a family, which reflects on the vibes and harmony of the salon and makes you just feel good.
* Only the best products with natural ingredients are used. Murat is always on top of international trends.
* The long-term relationships with their clients, speak for themselves.


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Thank you, dear Murat!