The most comfortable way of traveling, is flying private… And the ones who regularly fly with private jets know that there is a huge variety of aircrafts and not every jet is made for everyones needs. NetJets knows that too. Another reason why they’ve just launched the new Cessna Citation Latitude. A „one-of-a-kind“ midsize jet within their fleet, which offers the best comfort in its category and is a preferred choice for all kind of clients. Whether you are flying with business partners to a meeting/have meetings up in the air OR you fly for leisure with your family and friends: NetJets is one of the most qualitative and professional private aviation providers, I have ever traveled with and my personal favorite. You just feel like in your own living room.

If you are familiar with private aviation and with the NetJets world, you know that most of the midsize jets are usually booked for short flights up to 3 hours and offer a small or medium baggage compartment. The new NetJets Cessna Citation Latitude offers more space within the jet itself: cabin comfort with flat floor, large windows, a generous hight and width but also a much larger space for baggage: clients can bring their art pieces along, that they have purchased at a gallery on their trip, but also the whole familiy’s holiday luggage or the heavy golf bags, that usually don’t fit into a mid-size jet.

The jet offers a capacity of 8 seats for its guests (7+1) and can fly distances up to 3000 statute miles and 5.5 hours, e. g. a flight from London to Tel Aviv.

I am a huge fan. Are you?




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