<< ARCHIVE >> The Perfume of Gems: Bvlgari’s Book Launch in Rome

For the launch of BVLGARI’s first book „THE PERFUME OF GEMS“ the brand invited me to their Headquarters in Rome.This truly inspiring journey started with a visit to the iconic BVLGARI Curiosity Shop on Via dei Condotti, which is the only BVLGARI boutique worldwide that offers made to order service for your personalized handbag. The day has continued with an artistic Italian haute cousine dinner.

To celebrate the launch of BVLGARI’s first ever book „THE PERFUME OF GEMS“ the brand invited a select group of friends and partners to an exclusive celebration at a private palazzo overlooking the beautiful city of Rome.

As Bvlgari continously shares that passion for beauty, glamour and spectacle: it is this devotion that inspires the Maison to travel the world in search of the most extraordinary “gems of nature” and to capture their richness in the Le Gemme High Perfumery collection, that was built on the fascinating principle “from gem to scent”. The High Perfumery collection Le Gemme opens doors to unexplored worlds, creating an extraordinary dialogue between the mysticism of gemstones, the complexity of nature, and man’s desire to create beauty using talent and skill—but forever guided by emotion. To capture those incredible emotions, knowledge, scents and experience in words and images, the Maison brought together Masters from all kind of fields of works to create their own “bible”, a precious book, the first ever book of the maison “THE PERFUME OF GEMS”.

“Let yourself be looked upon by beauty—the beauty of nature, history, creative oblivion and human genius. Beauty has all the power of perfume. It pervades you, changes you, and improves you—like an invisible wind that knows no barriers.” said Simone Marchetti, the Editor of the book.

After the book presentation, we’ve got the ultimate access to BVLGARI’s holy”gem table” where the Maison’s Gem-Expert introduced us to their precious and semi-precious little secrets which are the inspiration behind Bvlgari perfumes, the brilliant heart of its creative process, the natural touchstones of the Roman jeweller’s origin story, and a powerful link between the Maison’s High Perfumery and High Jewellery collections. Rare and hypnotic, gems evoke distant worlds, telling the tale of man’s innate desire to possess. Born of the earth, they are alive, mercurial, changing from moment to moment, totally transformed by a particular angle or ray of light. Likewise, olfactory gems are their own perfect jewels—harmonious but unexpected, a testament to the sublime and complete beauty found in nature. From High Jewellery to High Perfumery, Bvlgari’s Le Gemme collection brings together the purest “gems of nature,” transforming olfactory riches into fragrances that rival gemstones in their exceptional attention to cut, colour, purity and carats.” he said.

“Breathe in a fragrance and close your eyes.”
And with that, the journey begins….

Copyright: BVLGARI