PIAGET x Nel-Olivia Waga Ladies Lunch – PIAGET Possession

To celebrate the launch of Piaget‘s latest add-ons to its playful and vibrant “Possession” collection, I had the honor to host an exclusive ladies lunch in Zurich. In October I’ve invited 20 powerful women to to a colorful and mindful lunch experience at the Piaget Boutique in Zurich.

The day started with healthy smoothies and colorful light lunch options (curated and catered by the Park Hyatt Zurich) followed by a meditation. A meditation (by the Naturopahtic Physician Tiffany Ardila of Transforma Health Zurich) about balance and colors. The colors of life, the colors of our chakras and the colors we subconsciously desire. And ended with the presentation of the new colors, that were recently launched for the Piaget Possession collection.


Piaget Possession jewelry celebrates elegance that is playful and free. Its turning rings create alluring movement and transform the possession collection’s luxury jewelry into “modern-day talismans for her.” From necklaces adorned with turning cylinders to pendants and bangles with moving rings, piaget possession jewelry is unabashedly playful. Every ring becomes a trusted companion, turning around a woman’s finger. More than fine jewelry, each piece is to be fully embodied – accessible luxury jewelry that enhances her every move.

Diamond jewelry that sparkles with creativity is the fruit of piaget’s unique expertise. whether set in the center of a ring or paved on the p-shaped clasp of a necklace, precious stones draw white and rose gold alike into a never-ending conversation, echoing the bonds that unite piaget possession jewelry with strong, modern women.


I took this occasion to interview Tiffany about her work and the methods of balancing our chakras:

Tell me a little more about your work.

Tiffany: “In essence I practice Naturopathy and integrate my Native Indian heritage of healing with nature, beyond the restrictions of academia. I studied Traditional European Natural Medicine in Switzerland and because of the influence from my grandmother, I‘ve always had one foot in our world of native medicine heritage and then growing up in a Western Medicine based society, I developed a more holistic and integrative approach. 

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Treating patients, I zoom in on understanding each individuals specific challenges and symptoms (emotional and physical) and then zoom out understanding a bigger picture, this often includes an individual’s personal journey. The goal is always to recreate a mind and body balance for the ultimate wellbeing.”

How can we balance through colors?

Tiffany “I believe the same way we can heal through love or art. Colors are related to our emotions and affect our emotional body and our energy body. In my work I include this spectrum. Let us not forget, this is where our origins of understanding our bodies come from. We have journeyed away from a very intuitive and in-tune understanding of medicine. Now that we have most recently learned to dissect the mechanical spectrum of our bodies, we can integrate the thousands of years of knowledge that came before and practice holistically. For example including the energy system of the chakras.”
What do colors mean to life and for women?
“I would say colors are intuitive reminders, inspirers and healers. We resonate with color. For example an attraction to the color BLUE can indicate low energy in our throat chakra region which will result in difficulties in communicating or symptoms of respiratory, thyroid problems or even neck pain, it can result in stuttering or when totally blocked in no verbal communication at all. So the way to understand it, is that our energy body is seeking the healing properties through resonance of the color blue. My advice is to stay colorful, allow the joy of color IN and if I’ve sparked your interest look into understanding the chakras!”