Ready for a hot Summer with NESPRESSO ON ICE

Sitting underneath the contemporary shades of Nespresso’s architectural masterpiece in Cannes, watching the yachts cruising along the sea, sipping refreshing Nespresso on Ice and enjoying life… What more can one ask for?

For the first time, this year, I enjoyed Nespresso’s new limited edition of iced coffees and their delicious (actually works of art) iced coffee cocktails at Nespresso Plage during their launch at the Cannes International Film Festival (of which Nespresso is an official partner). The “la vie en rose” feeling by Nespresso finally came to Switzerland too (right on time for our hot summer here) and is now available over summer.

“Legero on Ice” and “Intenso on Ice” are Nespresso’s new summer flavors, that have specially been created to be enjoyed on ice, to cool down our minds, souls and thoughts during our hot, hot summer.

And here is how it works:

  1. Fill your glass with 3-4 ice cubes.
  2. Add a shot of (espresso sized) Nespresso Legero or Intenso on Ice.
  3. Fill it up with 90ml of water OR with milk foam.
  4. Enjoy! :-)








For the launch of Nespresso’s “ON ICE” limited editions, Nespresso has created some summer gadgets to accompany the coffee capsules. Nespresso-shaped ice-cube forms and a Touch Travel Mug are now also available online and at Nespresso boutiques.

Wishing you all a great hot AND cool summer, while sipping your Nespresso on Ice in the sunshine and enjoying life – as I do. :-)

Rossella Jardini by Maison Gassmann, Zurich

Happy Hearts by Chopard

Photo Credits:
Nespresso, PPress Photography, Andrea Monica Hug, Bespoke Yacht Charter, Jorge Guerreiro (JSBG), Nel-Olivia Waga