<< ARCHIVE >> A star studded journey to celebrate the new Rossano Ferretti Hairspa in Monaco

“The method” aka “il metodo”… I’m sure you’ve heard about it. It’s the best and most sought-after haircut by the one and only: Rossano Ferretti, the “haute couture” of the hair dressers. Rossano is an Italian, charming man, that has an eye for beauty and design, a natural feeling for hair. He invented a unique technique of cutting ones hair in a special and personal way. Clients are no others than Kate Middleton, Lady Gaga or Charlize Theron…

“il metodo”

Does the “il methodo” cut by Rossano himself have a price tag? Yes it does: it’s worth 1500 USD. How to get an appointment with him? These are really rare (but possible upon request), as he travels all around the world to meet his teams at over 20 hair spa’s around the world. From Paris to New York and L.A., back to Parma, Rome or London… For the first time, this summer the brand new Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa has opened its sleek doors in Monaco.

I was one of the very few VIP guests, invited to collaborate with Rossano right before the official opening and to get his famous haircut, which has not only been a haircut but a true experience. Why? Rossano Ferretti doesn’t just cut after a scheme. What makes his technique unique, is (next to special scissors) his way of personalizing every hair-cut by spending time with the person, getting to know his client in order to “tailor-cut” in a very natural way. The result? A hair style, that not only matches the personality of his client, but also accentuates the client’s beauty.

Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa Monaco at Hotel de Paris

For all his magic to happen,  one of Monaco’s most iconic spots with fascinating history, dreamy views and luxurious atmosphere has been chosen to open the Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa. It is located at the Hotel de Paris Monte Carlo. One of French Riviera’s top addresses for locals as well as elite travelers to fully enjoy “La vie en rose”.

Why hair spa? Once you’ve been there, you’ll know, that any of Rossano’s spaces are not typical hair salons. The service, treatments, stylists and “hair therapists” are much more than just a hair-dresser salon. The sleek and contemporary design invites you to calm down, relax and fully enjoy your treatments in glamorous atmosphere. The spa offers privacy inside the VIP-room of the salon, of course. ;-)

Super VIP tip: For those, who travel by private jet, or stay at yachts, hotels or villas in the area and have a special event coming up, Rossano and his Monaco team recently launched their “fly to you” service, which I already enjoyed during the Cannes Film Festival. The Monaco hair spa team (or Rossano together with his team) come to you, wherever you are, wherever you travel and prep you up for your special occasion – basically on the go, but in a very stylish way – the “Rossano-way!”

The Rossano Ferretti Parma Hair Care Collection

Speaking of which: Rossano Ferretti’s sulphate-free luxury hair care collections, created using the science and natural applications of skin care, are now available at the Monaco spa. My personal favorites are the grandioso and favoloso voluming lines, which also come all together in a travel-kit. 

A star-studded journey

Why star-studded journey? I spent 3 days with Rossano, his lovely wife and the team behind the project, in Monaco. Basically everywhere we went, I saw stars… We had dinner at the Hotel Metropole Monte Carlo by the star-studded pool that was designed by Karl Lagerfeld – at Odyssey, an open air pop up restaurant by 3 Michelin starred chef Heinz Beck. The next day started with another lunch at Hotel de Paris’ stunning terrace restaurant “Le Grill” overlooking the Marina of Monaco. Guess where we were sitting: under the most beautiful star-studded roof (that opens in the night to see the actual stars).  Stars were everywhere: on ceilings, walls, floors, iPhone covers, on cars, yachts, in the ocean, in pools, on menus… A beautiful side-effect of a truly memorable experience.

The stars might have not been there on purpose, but rumor has it, that a new project will be a great success, when it’s accompanied by stars. The brand and the person behind Rossano Ferretti are definitely an amazing entrepreneurial example, that it’s worth it – to reach for the stars. ;-)

Get your appointment with Rossano and his team now via: monaco@rossanoferretti.com.


Photo Credits: Courtesy of Rossano Ferretti Monaco Hair Spa, Hotel Metropole Monte Carlo, Hotel de Paris Monte Carlo, Nel-Olivia Waga, Style Lab and Loic Thebaud.

Special Thanks to VOGUE Italia & VOGUE Sposa for the feature:

Nel-Olivia Waga at Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa Monaco, featured in Vogue Italia / Vogue Sposa

Nel-Olivia Waga at Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa Monaco, featured in Vogue Italia / Vogue Sposa

Nel-Olivia Waga at Rossano Ferretti Hairspa Monaco featured in VOGUE Italia & VOGUE Sposa

Nel-Olivia Waga at Rossano Ferretti Hairspa Monaco featured in VOGUE Italia & VOGUE Sposa