Have you already heard of TEND? I have! And let me tell you a bit more about the new era of investing in lifestyle…

TEND is a new, global app (I would call it the UBER of lifestyle investments) which creates possibilities for like-minded investors to co-own and share expensive investment pieces such as cars, art works, unique high jewelry pieces or watches, race horses and even boats.


TEND is a smart way to keep your liquidity and enjoy diversity in your lifestyle, while being invested in several areas.


I met Marco Abele, a former successful private banker and now CEO  & Founder of TEND, to explain me his great invention and the concept behind.


How did you come up with the idea to TEND?
There are a few circumstances that came together when pondering on this venture. First, the personal desire and ambition to create something that is big enough to change the world. And second, I wanted to do something that was aspirational enough to touch the hearts and feelings of our future customers.  So I said: Is there a way, through technology and a disruptive business model, to create a new investment world driven by passion and excitement, which is “more” than dry financial investments, which I used to experience during my banking career. This is why I invented TEND.


How does TEND function?
TEND provides its customers three services:

1. Access to high return investment opportunities, typically luxury real assets that were previously reserved for the 1% of this world. Through co-ownership we make it accessible to a much broader audience. For example co-ownership of a collectable car.
2. To each of these assets a memorable experience is attached, i.e. you can touch & feel your investment. For example: you can drive your collectable car a few weekends per year.
3. Everything is managed through a digital platform/app, so customers are always in the know about their investments. For example: booking the days you want to experience or use the collectable car. (The handling in the background is done by professional service providers and insurances.) 


The magic of TEND is that it gives people „ownership“ access to special experiences, in a way that works for them. It makes their investments become part of their lifestyle and it lets people physically and digitally interact, touch & feel their wealth, creating a community of like-minded people, living an enriched life.

Who can use it and how do you become a member?
You need to become a member of the TEND platform, and for that you need to simply apply via our website www.tend.swiss to be added to the invitation list. Once cleared, you get invited to a personal onboarding session to set you up and get immersed into the amazing TEND universe of possibilities.

What highlights does TEND offer?
We offer a wide range of exciting experiences and investments, ranging from classic cars to wine and vineyards, whisky, boats, jewelry, art and photography as well as watches, and much more. Our most exciting latest addition is race horses, a fascinating access to the sports of the Kings. 

Camber Redcar 01.08.18

How are the transactions processed?
Within the TEND app, you can simply chose your payment method, e.g. bank transfer or credit card, and the platform will take care for settlement of the transactions. TEND provides utmost simplicity and certified security providers who ensure safe buy and sell processes.

How are the expensive assets protected?
Every asset on the TEND platform is secured by an insurance, giving the total piece of mind to the co-owners. We have established global partnerships with the most prestigious insurances making sure your invested money is safeguarded to the utmost limit. This is a great trust enablement to our platform and letting our customers enjoying their wealth in an easygoing way.


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I’ve already become a member of TEND and can’t wait to keep you all updated about the upcoming news this innovative brand has to tell. Stay tuned…


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