It’s been the best (grey) weather in Zurich lately for taking a road trip away – up to the sunny mountains. Just like every year, I enjoy spending cosy winter weekends in the heart of St. Moritz: at the iconic Badrutt’s Palace Hotel.

With age (lol), focus and mindset, times have changed from “going up to St. Moritz for a weekend of meetings and social events with a side of wellness” to “going up there for a wellbeing weekend – and eventually visiting an event besides”. 

This winter I preferred to spend some down-time from the busy work week at the Palace Wellness. The hotel spa is more than just a regular hotel spa – it’s an oasis of wellbeing. Those in the know appreciate every detail of what Palace Wellness’ menu has to offer. Custom-made Ayurvedic treatments, detoxifying sports programs and healthy nutrition options, just as personal yoga and meditation sessions to guarantee the holistic wellbeing of its guests.

Speaking of which… For the second year in a row Martha Wiedemann, Associate Director of the Badrutt’s Palace and Wellness Advisor brought Vinod an Indian Yoga Master to the Palace Wellness – to not only help the spa guests to calm down from stress and their busy lives with customized meditation programs, but also makes their days a little happier and healthier through his Yoga practices and Ayurvedic teachings. Teachings that are not only relevant at the yoga class, but that can be implemented in our daily lifestyle…from daily rituals for a better (busy) day at work to breathing exercises and easy ways of changing negative thoughts into positive ones. These are only a few of the holistic benefits, the Palace Wellness concept provides and which make it so unique.

After I got to spend some time with Vinod last year during the 7 days of Wellness Program, this year was sure, that I am not coming for the events in St. Moritz, but for the Palace Wellness.

But as we all know, the balance makes it all. So besides the down time, enjoying healthy, fresh and gluten free breakfasts and lunches, meditation, yoga classes and some sauna sessions at the Palace Wellness, I did attend some events that weekend too, such as the St. Moritz Ice Cricket World Cup and the legendary White Turf race.

The Badrutt’s Palace is a sponsor of the annual St. Moritz Ice Cricket World Cup, the Polo World Cup in St. Moritz as well as the White Turf events, all taking place on a February Weekend (the White Turf on three weekends) at the frozen lake of St. Moritz.

Find more information under www.badruttspalace.com.

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