7 Facts About Breitling You Probably Did Not Know

Nel-Olivia Waga
March 20, 2018
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From Grenchen, Switzerland… via Munich, Zurich, Shanghai and New York, off to a legendary future – on board of BREITLING. The heritage brand that has offered the pilot seat of its cockpit to a legend himself: Mr. Georges Kern. He kicked-off the new decade of the watch brand as well as the launch of the Navitimer 8 with a global roadshow in the capital cities of its markets, with a tribute to the brands history and a forecast to its innovative and promising – in Georges’ words: „legendary“ – future.

Those in the know of Georges Kern’s vision can be very sure of a truly legendary time to come for the brand – and the watch industry. And those who have been involved in Breilting’s major heritage are most likely to know a lot about Breitling, but here are 7 facts about the 1884 founded watch brand, that many of you most probably did not know… (yet).


  • The Swiss watch has taken part in major Hollywood’s blockbusters: Leonardo DiCaprio wore a Breitling Avenger in the film „Blood Diamond“ and Bruce Willis fighted like a hero, with a Breitling Chronomat on his wrist in „Die Hard 3“.
  • Hollywood’s beaus Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise regularly wear the Breitling Emergency watch at leisure time.
  • On his dangerous adventures around the world, the TV socialite and „Born Surviror“ Bear Grylls also counts on Breitling’s Emergency watch, the high-tech wrist watch that integrates an emergency transmitter.


  • Breitling’s Top Time plays a major role in James Bond „Thunderball“. The „Q“ branch modified the watch with a bespoke underwater ‘Geiger counter’ case with glazed bezel. Bond is seen wearing the watch during various scenes in the film, using it to search for the location of the atomic bombs stolen by SPECTRE under the direction of their ‘No. 2’ Emilio Largo.
  • Rachel Welch, actress and one of the most celebrated sex symbols of the 1960ies and 1970ies has been seen wearing a Breitling Chronograph at the film „Fathom“.
  • The Jazz legend Miles Davis was a proud Breitling customer. On some of his most celebrated events and photos, you could spot the Breitling Navitimer wristwatch. But today, no one knows where the watch actually is.


  • On May 24th 1962, Scott Carpenter orbited the Earth three times aboard the Aurora 7 capsule. On his wrist was a Navitimer with a 24-hour graduation – a vital necessity in distinguishing day from night. It thus became the first wrist chronograph to travel in space.

Starting Tomorrow, Breitling will present its novelties alongside with a new strategy, the #LegendaryFuture to its partners, clients and media at BASELWORLD 2018.

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