Why Mornings Are Simply Better With Nespresso

Nel-Olivia Waga
January 8, 2018
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Are you a morning person? Me neither – unless I’m traveling west and the jet lag makes me be awake by 5AM ;-).

Nevertheless, there are times, when waking up early and being productive very early is necessary. A nespresso macchiato or cappuccino in the morning – after my yoga session and a healthy breakfast of course – is what I really need to kick-start my day. And what is your morning routine?

Here are the 5 best reasons, to drink coffee in the mornings, especially on Mondays:

  • Coffee increases your energy levels.
  • Coffee makes you happier.
  • It makes you burn fat faster.
  • Coffee makes you focus better.
  • It tastes delicious. 🙂

(Scientific sources and specifications to the above topics can be found here.)

Having told you about my coffee drinking rituals, I will now show you, how I make it. For me coffee is not just coffee. It’s an art itself. Starting from choosing the flavor and milk of the day to the way I want to drink it.  This varies (as my mood does). When it comes to coffee I like to have a naturally sweeter taste of it, without using actual sugar to sweeten it. So there are a few ways. Either I use the Nespresso “Vanilla” flavored capsules for my Espresso and top it with foam of lactose free milk – or I choose between my current flavors that are “Rosabaya de Colombia,  Roma” and the latest limited edition “Barista” collection topped with almond- or hazelnut-milk foam. That milk foam has never looked and tasted better than with the new “Nespresso Creatista Plus” machine, which is specially designed to  create your own cappuccino or latte “barista” experience at home/at your office and all by yourself. Mmmmhhhh…. That is the sweet little secret to my Monday motivation. 😉

Wishing you all a great start of the first full workweek in the New Year!

Machine: Nespresso Creatista Plus
Capsules: Nespresso Barista Collection
Hair & Make-Up: Bobbi Brown
Watch: IWC Watches

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