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Founded in 2014, re-launched in 2019 – by Nel-Olivia Waga. It is an international luxury lifestyle blog, that features stories under the aspect of a conscious mindset. It collaborates with leading brands and specialists who share the idea of generating a positive impact in the world. Based in Zurich and London, it covers local hotspots and global trends around sustainability, innovation, well-being, health, beauty, travel, time, art, business and charity.

Nel-Olivia Waga is the Founder & Publisher of HER/etiquette. She is a Marketing Specialist, an Author and Entrepreneur, most passionate about well-being, travel and art. Her work can regularly be seen in her column on FORBES. Her consulting studio HER CIRCLE, creates and co-ordinates holistic marketing projects for doctors, hospitals, banks, luxury brands and hotels and health clinics around the world – based on strategies with transformation, passion, purpose, balance and sustainable impact.


#ConsciousLuxury is the theme of HER/etiquette. We combine luxury lifestyle with consciousness. Each story we share, is underlined with values. The purpose and innovation of the brands we collaborate with, are as important to us, as their initiatives towards ethical craftsmanship, sustainability holistic health and social responsibility.

This is our first step in contributing to the global movement of creating a more positive impact in the world – and in you.


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